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What’s Instant Boba Pack

    Instant Boba Pack

    Bubble Tea, popularly referred to as “Boba Tea”, may be a Taiwanese drink prepared with tea or milk because the base component.

    This tea is glazed with BOBA, which are soft, chewy, and gummy “Tapioca Pearls” extracted from cassava root.
    Bubble tea is served during a hot or cold form, consistent with the preference of consumers and a fat straw is employed through which the pearls are often easily eaten by the consumers.

    Bubble tea may be a drink that features bouncy tapioca pearls and milk-infused tea that’s the national drink of Taiwan. Instant bubble tea kits are perfect for people that want the taste of freshly made bubble tea without having to spend an hour making tapioca pearls. These kits are made without preservatives and are available during a sort of popular flavors. Each box contains four individually sealed portions with straws included. This bubble tea kit is formed by O’s Bubble: a Taiwanese company that’s striving to revolutionize how bubble tea is usually prepared by creating innovative DIY instant boba.

    O’s Bubble Advantage

    • A new invented “Ready to Eat” Boba Pack,
    • No got to cook Boba; No got to cook Syrup
    • Simple and straightforward
    • 1 min in Microwave, most delicious flavored Boba is prepared
    • Can add milk/ punch / Smoothie ; hot or cold at your desire
    • Indulge your palate at anytime any where

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