Walmart Just Pulled This Item From Shelves Because of a Quality Issue

Each Walmart store has thousands of items, but one made specifically for young children was just withdrawn from the shelves due to a quality issue.

According to a Facebook post, the company sent a notification to all stores instructing them to remove the Parent's Choice Baby Wipes.

At Walmart, the affected Unscented Solo Club Box, Scented Baby Wipe Box, and Unscented Box Wipes all originate from one of 18 Parent's Choice Lot numbers on the outer package.

Parents Choice baby wipes were deliberately pulled from Walmart shelves owing to a quality issue.

To investigate the problem, we're working closely with the supplier and the FDA. Customers can return the merchandise for a refund to any Walmart store."

There is no more particular information about the quality issue(s). Walmart has been contacted by Eat This, Not That! for further information.

According to Motherhood Community, rumours on the internet and on social media indicate that the wipes turned orange and caused diaper rash and a burning feeling.

In April, Walmart and other large shops such as Kroger, Target, Walgreens, and CVS imposed a purchasing limit after 30% of the supply was sold out.

Unfortunately, this isn't the only item that has just become unavailable at Walmart. Here's Why These Walmart, Wegmans, H-E-B, and Amazon Grocery Items Are Being Removed From Stores.

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