Belly Fat

The 9 Best Foods That Melt

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Eggs are  the only  best dietary sources of the B vitamin choline,  an important  nutrient used in the construction of all the body's cell membranes.



More and more research has begun  to point out  that some fruits are actually better at fighting belly fat than others.

Red fruit


Though  it's going to  seem counterintuitive to add fat to a meal if you're trying to lose fat, eating a moderate portion of unsaturated fats

Olive oil—and other healthy fats


Grains get  a nasty  rap because of their carbohydrate content. And now, more and more studies are  watching  the effects of gluten, the protein found in wheat

Beans, brown rice, oats, and other healthy fiber


Plant-based protein powders are a low-sugar, high-fiber alternative to popular dairy-based supplements.

Extra plant protein


Protein is kryptonite to belly fat,  and therefore the  building block of a lean, toned belly.  once you  eat protein, your body  has got to  expend a lot of calories in digestion

Lean meat and fish


Low-energy-density foods like vegetables are crucial foods to melt belly fat, because they add essential nutrients, filling fiber, and volume to meals, all for relatively few calories. 

Leafy greens, green tea, and brightly colored vegetables


New research has shown that piperine—which is released when the waiter from  the flamboyant  restaurant uses that giant pepper grinder in front of your face—has some stunning magical powers.

Your favorite spices and flavors


The benefits of dark chocolate keep piling up: mental clarity, lowered  vital sign , decreased appetite. 

Dark chocolate


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