The #1 Most 

Popular Margarita

in America

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To be honest, mixing top-shelf Patrón with ice might be a sin. The jalapeno margarita is becoming increasingly popular in the Bayou state.

Patrón, frozen, regular salt – 1 state

Kansas was the only state to use sugar to rim its intoxicating Patrón slushie. Strawberry was the most popular flavour.

Patrón, frozen, sugar – 1 state

The people of Illinois prefer a classic margarita, which was the most popular flavour in the country, with 20 states voting for it.

Casamigos, on the rocks, sea salt – 1 state

Californians and New Mexicans prefer their Don Julio-based drink on the rocks with a pinch of salt. With a passionfruit margarita, California goes classic, while New Mexico adds the fun.

Don Julio, on the Rocks, sea salt – 2 states

Classic Cuervo margaritas served on the rocks with a sweet sugar rim are popular in Oregon and Washington.

Jose Cuervo, rocks, sugar – 2 states

Jose Cuervo strawberry margaritas are served frozen with a sparkling sugar rim in Iowa, Maine, and West Virginia.

Jose Cuervo, frozen, sugar – 3 states

On Cinco de Mayo, you can bet that residents in Arkansas, Kansas, and Nebraska will be mixing up strawberry Patrón margaritas with a sugar rim.

Patrón, frozen, sugar – 3 states

The original frozen margarita with Patron and a rim of sea salt wins in Idaho, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

Patrón, frozen, sea salt – 3 states

Florida, Minnesota, Nevada, and Utah are the four states that prefer this way of creating a margarita. With the exception of Florida, which prefers to stick to the classics.

Patrón, on the rocks, regular salt – 4 states

Delaware and Maryland go for a classic flavour, while Indiana and Missouri add mangos and Mississippi and South Carolina go for strawberry.

Jose Cuervo, frozen, sea salt – 6 states

This is the second most popular way to drink a margarita in the United States, and it's especially popular on the East Coast! The flavour of a premium tequila

Patrón, on the rocks, sea salt – 9 states

Jose Cuervo wins by one state over elegant Patrón. It's the tequila of choice for a margarita on the rocks with a pinch of salt.

Jose Cuervo, on the Rocks, sea salt – 10 states

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