The #1 Best Fruit For a Sharper Brain

Some meals can wreak havoc on your memory and put you at risk for neurodegenerative diseases, while others can help you avoid cognitive decline.

Researchers looked at a sample of 60 persons aged 50 to 80 for 12 weeks, supplementing portions of their diets with freeze-dried cranberry powder, and published their findings in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition.

Although cranberries are good for your mind, the biggest improvement you can make in terms of your food choices to keep you sharp is to look at your whole diet.

It's safe to say that eating a couple of servings of fruit every day, especially berries, can help you avoid cognitive decline as you become older.

Studies looking at the effects of comprehensive dietary modifications on brain health and dementia have been the true winners in this field.

The MIND diet, which combines aspects of the Mediterranean diet with those of the hypertension-fighting DASH diet, is recommended by board-certified physician Dr. Paul Goodman.

Concentrate on making one or two simple dietary changes to include more of these brain-friendly foods.

Once a week, replace a serving of salty snacks with a handful of berries and almonds, and add a couple cups of spinach to your next soup pot.

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