Surprising Side Effects of Giving Up Milk

A majority of dairy milk products in the US come from pregnant cows, which contain high levels of problem-causing hormones that can potentially contribute to acne, one study published in Dermato Endocrinol.

You'll likely see improvement in your skin.

Besides being lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy, there are other allergies or medical conditions associated with consuming milk or daily products.

You may have a reaction.

According to Shapiro, if you do end up cutting out cow's milk, and "you do not get calcium from other sources, then you may be missing out on a good source of calcium which can lead to brittle bones in some individuals."

You may experience weaker bones.

Eliminating milk from your diet might help manage many digestive problems and support better gut health. You may also experience less gas and bloating throughout the body, Shapiro says.

You'll have better overall gut health.

Milk won't be completely curing any illnesses anytime soon, however, it can benefit your body's functionality and ability to prevent you from getting sick.

You might experience immune system troubles.

There are "60-some hormones in your average glass of milk," Dr. Mark Hyman writes, and that includes organic, raw, and bovine growth hormone-free milk.

You'll have fewer mood changes.

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