Surprising Side Effects of Drinking Alcohol After 50

It may cause weight gain.

Weight gain is a common side effect of consuming too much alcohol after 50. Unfortunately, our metabolism decreases as we become older. As a result, we require fewer calories to maintain our weight.

It might raise triglycerides.

Drinking more alcohol not only increases your risks of gaining weight, but it also has the potential to harm your heart.

It might reduce muscle recovery after exercise.

Many people are unaware that drinking has the side effect of hindering your exercise goals and recuperation process.

It can make you dehydrated.

Dehydration is another way that drinking can affect your health and workout recovery time.

It can alter your gut health.

Drinking alcohol can harm your gut, especially if you consume it in high quantities on a daily basis.

It can impair digestions and absorption of nutrients.

Drinking big amounts of alcohol on a regular basis can have a bad affect on your stomach.

It might deplete your energy levels.

Finally, binge drinking depletes your energy both immediately after consumption and over time.


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