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One of America's Largest Sandwich Chains Is Launching Its First Burger

Arby's is affirming its authority in the realm of fast-food meat with a new limited-edition item that's sure to turn heads.

The restaurant company is debuting its first burger and making it count! It's not just the heaviest, beefiest burger currently available from a quick-service chain, but it's also prepared with premium beef.

The new Wagyu Steakhouse Burger has the world's largest single beef patty, weighing a whopping 6.4 ounces before prep.

That's 50 percent more meat than a Quarter Pounder from McDonald's. The meat is also a premium blend of 52 percent American Wagyu and 48 percent ground beef.

American Wagyu beef is a cross between Japanese Wagyu and cow breeds recognised for their buttery flavour and tenderness. Waygu is one of the world's most exclusive meats.

The two pieces of beef combine to create marbled perfection with a rich, meaty flavour and the quality of a premium steakhouse burger.

Arby's takes perfection to the next level by employing the sous vide process to prepare this special burger. The burger edges crisp up while the centre remains supple and slightly pink thanks to the unusual cooking procedure.

The rest of the burger is a standard combination of American cheese, tomato, lettuce, red onion, pickles, and a "special burger sauce" on a toasted brioche bun, while the meat is fancy.

The burger was first trialled at a few sites around the United States last year, and it was certainly a hit. Between May 23 and July 31, you can purchase it for $5.99 at participating countrywide stores.

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