Officials Find Half-Ton of Cocaine In This Coffee Brand's Factory

The discovery that a recent shipment to a Nespresso factory in Switzerland contained not only coffee, but also 500 kilos of cocaine astonished police.

There was another $50 million worth of the medication in the coffee storage containers. Workers spotted an unidentified white substance while unloading bags of freshly delivered coffee beans, prompting a police response.

Five shipping containers containing almost 1,100 pounds of cocaine were discovered. According to police, it was all transported by train in one day and was 80 percent pure.

Authorities believe the shipment originated in Brazil and was targeted for the European market after additional investigation. Despite the medications being stored in the containers, Nespresso maintained the product is still safe in a statement.

"The material in question did not come into touch with any of our products or manufacturing equipment," Nespresso stated in a statement. "We are unable to provide additional information because a police investigation is ongoing."

The discovery caused a stir in Fribourg, Switzerland, with the town's security chief calling it a "extraordinary" find.

According to Euronews, the town's head of security, Marc Andrey, said, "It's the first time we've had such a find." "I believe it is also one of Switzerland's largest seizures."

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