Most Popular 4th of July Food

White Corn

White corn is a common dish on any Fourth of July table set, whether you like it creamed or added to a pasta salad.

Ice Cream

The ideal dessert to cool off and honour the forthcoming patriotic occasion is ice cream.

Baked Beans

The week before Independence Day, sales of this barbeque staple increased by an astounding 84 percent.

Tortilla Chips

There's a good chance that many guests will bring tortilla chips of some kind to the Fourth of July celebration.


The popularity of watermelon among Americans for Fourth of July celebrations has resulted in a 26 percent increase in sales over the past week.

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is the first of the top five Fourth of July snacks, according to Instacart, because eating corn on the cob makes a mess and is a necessary part of the holiday.

Hamburger Buns

Although a protein-style lettuce wrap hamburger is perfectly acceptable, buns are unquestionably trendy this year, at least among many Americans.

Potato Chips

There isn't much that beats a simple bowl of potato chips, although tortilla chips and pretzels are both fine choices.

Hot Dogs

Americans prefer hot dogs to be the primary star on the grill this Fourth of July, with sales up 47%.

Hot Dog Buns

Given that hot dogs and hot dog buns aren't sold in equal quantities, it shouldn't come as a surprise that this week saw a 75 percent increase in bun purchases.

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