Eating Habits to
 Lose Abdominal Fat
As You Age

Avoid excess sugars

cutting out sugar (especially sugary beverages) or lowering your intake of it is one of the best ways to lose belly fat as you age.

Track calories

Another tip that Clair has for those trying to lose some belly fat as they get older is to track their calories during the day

Switch to whole grains

Eating whole grains instead of highly refined grains is associated with a lower risk for excess belly (visceral) fat.

Consume most of your calories before dinner

Another habit that may be contributing to more belly fat is one that often goes completely unnoticed by those who are trying to lose weight

Your body processes food more easily earlier in the day because that's when insulin is more effective, which is the hormone that moves glucose produced by digestion into your cells for them to use as energy

And as insulin becomes increasingly sluggish as the day wears on, eating heavily at the end of the day boosts the chances of storing what you eat as fat in your abdominal area.

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