Costco's Produce Has This Big Issue, Members Say

Costco's speciality is supplying the house with cleaning and other essentials, the pantry with favourite snacks, and the freezer with popular foods. However, some members believe one portion of the warehouse should be approached with caution: the produce.

We've all found a forgotten bag of fresh greens at the back of the fridge a few weeks after purchasing it at some point, but imagine the bag is bulk-sized.

On May 10, one Reddit user raised the issue, stating that they purchased a container of about a dozen peaches, but only five were mold-free on the inside.

Of course, fruits and vegetables spoil, but this isn't the only source of anxiety among members. They were noticing this problem even throughout the pandemic's cooking-at-home phases.

"After about a dozen bags, we finally wised up and stopped buying the chilled broccoli since we couldn't eat it fast enough." It starts to get slimy and disgusting.

To ensure that the fruits and vegetables you buy at Costco last, consider substituting frozen alternatives. However, if you like fresh produce, this path can be avoided provided potatoes, bell peppers, apples, carrots, and garlic are well stored.

Other fruits and vegetables, such as berries, peaches, apples, bananas, and lettuce, can be kept fresher for longer by doing so.

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