Costco Just Raised The Price of These Two Bakery Items

Grocery items from aisle to aisle have fallen victim to the rapidly rising inflation numbers, but Costco members have long flocked to warehouses because some foods have fixed prices that company leaders have vowed  to not  raise.

In an earnings  turn  May 26, Bob Nelson, the Senior  vice chairman  of Finance and Investor Relations, said that  the corporate  has been forced to grapple with prices for some of its signature items because of the rise in raw material costs this year.

Evidence started swirling on social media  within the  last few weeks that both the Kirkland Signature Croissant Pack and the Kirkland Signature Muffins have become $1 more expensive each.

Members on Reddit noted that the pack of 12 croissants  wont to  be $4.99, but is now 20%  costlier . Others saw  the long-lasting  half-dozen boxes of muffins now priced at $8.99.

Most of Costco's profits come from membership fees of $60 for a Gold Star and $120 for an Executive Membership, and certain deals  round the  warehouse actually end up costing the chain money.

Over 106 million $4.99 rotisserie chickens were sold in 2021,  it had been  at a loss. If  the identical  number were sold for $1 more…well that's $106 million more that could be in Costco's pocket right now.

Sales of croissants and muffins aren't  that prime , but seemingly will make a difference and help to offset  the upper  costs of production that started last year.

No other information was given about other price increases across the Costco bakery and/or the warehouse, but Nelson also noted that members and potential members won't see membership costs go up

This is great news for those looking to get in on all the perks of joining Costco—but there's also a separate deal that ends up giving you money to spend when you sign up right now. 

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