Costco Just Brought Back This Beloved Mini Bakery Item

The Costco bakery is a snacking hot spot of activity where members' favorite items will abruptly disappear, only to casually make a resurgence months or years later—sometimes with some major changes. 

That's the case right now, as the beloved Snickerdoodle Mini Cakes that haven't been seen since last October were recently spotted by @Costcosisters, according to a post on Instagram.

The cakes were at a Costco in Burbank, Calif., although one commenter on the post indicated that they were also seen in

The mini bakery treat features a cinnamon cream cheese frosting on top of a sweet cinnamon cake. They are sold in a pack of six cakes for $8.99 and weigh over 44 ounces, which divides into about 7 ounces per cake.

Snickerdoodle is a flavor that is enjoyed in a number of ways, and one Costco member on Reddit said the cake is definitely worth it.

The Snickerdoodle Mini Cakes are a much-anticipated comeback of one of many "mini" cake specials, which are sought after in the bakery section.

Prior to the Snickerdoodle flavor, the Costco bakery also released a very popular "mini" version of the long-lost All-American Chocolate Cake, which was discontinued in 2020

Many reviewers claim the "mini" versions taste exactly the same as their bigger original cakes, making them a great alternative. It's no surprise mini cakes have become popular and more could make their debut in a warehouse near you soon if the trend continues.

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