Costco Just Brought Back This Beloved Frozen Treat For Summer

With the arrival of pleasant summer weather, you'll undoubtedly want to stock up on frozen goodies at the grocery store. Because ice cream trucks aren't available in many towns around the country, the next best thing is to bring frozen delicacies home.

Binggrae's Melona Ice Cream Bars have returned to Costco just in time for the formal start of summer, which is great news for Costco customers.

The fruit-flavored ice cream, which originated in South Korea, has been popular in America since the big-box shop introduced it a few years ago.

The craze hasn't faded down since, and the frozen sweets are making a triumphant comeback to Costco warehouses for Summer 2022. Fans are once again expressing their admiration for the bars on Reddit.

"OMG!! Melona is the one!! "Earlier this month, the Redditor shared a snapshot of one of the mango-flavored ice cream pops they had already begun eating. "I just bought these yesterday and I'm about to eat the entire box," they added.

Melona Ice Cream Bars are available in mango, coconut, and honeydew melon flavours in a 24-pack from Costco. During the summer, they are usually only available as a limited-edition item.

Because the bars have a nearly two-year shelf life, many Costco members stock up on them every year when they return to the store. Grab them before they're gone for the season at your nearby Costco location!

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