Best Protein Shake for Stronger Muscles

Let's say you're trying to build more muscle, but your everyday meals and snacks just aren't covering all the bases or packing enough of a protein punch

Alongside resistance training, drinking protein shakes is a great way to help you get stronger and grow muscle mass. Plus, when you're short on time post-workout, you can easily whip up this shake and get your protein on the go!

Protein plays a huge role in developing and maintaining strong muscles, as well as curating lean body mass,

Protein provides amino acids…when engaging in strength training, the body creates microtears in the muscle [and] amino acids will then surround the tears to repair them

Protein powders can also provide you with various vitamins and minerals—such as zinc, vitamin A, and glutamine—which will all "assist with the recovery phase of muscle growth," she goes on to explain.

These components of protein powder are beneficial because they can help regulate wound healing, manage oxidative stress, support tissue growth, and maintain cortisol levels and inflammation.

Other ingredients to consider for your protein shakes are foods that fall under one of these three categories: antioxidants, healthy fats, and/or complex carbohydrates.

This can be anywhere from spinach (or other leafy greens), nut butter, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, nuts, seeds, and even cinnamon powder. And depending on your mixing liquid of choice

You should always rely on incorporating more whole foods and foods high in protein first, Amidor explains, but when it comes to increasing muscle mass, using "a protein powder (in the form of a shake) can help."

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