Best Food to Keep Your Bones from Aging

Milk and other dairy products, dark, leafy greens, salmon, and citrus fruits all include nutrients that are known to improve bone health (such as calcium, potassium, and vitamins C, D, and K).

Yogurt is my go-to bone-builder as a dietitian. For starters, it's high in calcium, which is essential for bone density.

This vitamin is found in 311 milligrammes per six-ounce container of plain normal yoghurt. That's a whopping 31% of the recommended daily intake of 1,000 milligrammes!

Meanwhile, yoghurt has a high protein content, ranging from roughly nine grammes per six ounces in standard yoghurt to 16 grammes per container of Greek yoghurt.

You can get 15% of your daily target for women and 12% for men in one snack-sized container of plain normal yoghurt.

In older persons, potassium has been found to improve bone mineral density. Some yoghurts are fortified with vitamin D for further bone health advantages.

Regular yoghurt has more calcium than Greek yoghurt, while Greek yoghurt has higher in protein. You can't go wrong with either option as long as you choose one that is low in sugar or unsweetened.

Vitamin D3 provides a one-two punch of calcium and vitamin D for your bones. Whether it's blended into smoothies, dolloped upon Mexican recipes, or incorporated into baked products, it'll do wonders for your bones.