"Bad Habits" You Don't Even Know You Have, and How to Stop

It's impossible not to, but there are several unhealthy behaviours that almost everyone has engaged in, and Clearing Chief Medical Office Dr. Jacob Hascalovici explains what they are and why it's critical to quit them now.

You Let Unimportant Things Take Up Your Time

We all need to relax, and scientists say that intentional relaxation and constructive daydreaming are beneficial to our mood and creativity.

You Don't Take a Break Every 45-90 Minutes

It's difficult to remember that you've been sitting still for a long period while you're hard at work at your desk (or engrossed in TV or the internet).

You Cut Into Your Sleep Time

Sleep can sometimes appear to be the least appealing option. Just ten more minutes of work, one more chapter of a book, or one more TV episode, we persuade ourselves... another hour has passed

Not Listening to Others

This one may not appear on many lists, yet it is fairly prevalent. Many of us do not take the time to listen to others around us.

Eating While Distracted

We frequently eat while distracted or rushing. It's so easy to entertain yourself while eating by watching a TV or using your phone.

Letting Things Pile Up

We dump mail into a pile, pile clothes on a chair, allow our 'to do' list get too lengthy, and generally neglect the little things.

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