America's #1 Ketchup Brand Is About To Launch A Paper Bottle

The debate over whether ketchup or mustard is the superior condiment has raged for years. However, the country's most popular ketchup company is going to release something that may persuade mustard aficionados to switch sides: an environmentally friendly paper bottle.

Heinz is collaborating with Pulpex, a sustainable packaging company, to create a paper-based, renewable, and recyclable container made from sustainably derived wood pulp.

This agreement is the next move in the brand's efforts to reduce its environmental impact. By 2025, Heinz wants all packaging to be globally recyclable, reused, or compostable.

Packaging waste is a problem that affects the entire industry, and we must all work together to solve it. That is why, at Kraft Heinz, we are committed to exploring sustainable packaging alternatives across our brands, giving consumers more options.

This new HEINZ bottle is an example of how we're using creativity and innovation to find new ways to give customers the items they like while also thinking about the environment.

Heinz had net revenues of almost $26 billion in 2021. Heinz and Pulpex hope that the project would encourage people to pick environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

We intend to bring this bottle to market and be the first sauce company to offer consumers this option when making purchase selections, as many people nowadays are looking for more environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

We're excited to keep looking for more environmentally friendly packaging for our favourite and renowned companies.

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