8 Healthy Eating Habits Molly Yeh Swears By

She eats a lot of dry beans

Molly's go-to healthy-eating ingredient is dry beans. She prefers dried beans to canned beans. "I always have dry beans on hand since they are so adaptable."

She keeps her breakfast light & clean

Molly's morning meal is light so she may prepare for her day's food excursions. "I nearly always have a fruit and veggie smoothie or yoghurt and granola for breakfast," she says.

She puts a healthy spin on her cravings

Because the Girl Meets Farm host is all about having fun with food, she comes up with some really inventive ways to make carb-heavy recipes more balanced.

She makes sure to get her veggies in

Molly prioritises veggies, whether they are fresh from the farm in the summer or purchased at the grocery store during the off-season.

She preps simple, balanced dinners

Molly's hectic days necessitate simplicity. She prefers to prepare a meal that takes care of everything so she doesn't have to worry about sides.

She drinks green juices

Green juices are Molly's go-to for staying healthy and energised. "Right now, I'm sipping a green juice," she stated on Lynn Chen's podcast The Actor's Diet.

She relies on her knowledge of food

Although being surrounded by dough and cake batter all day is enticing, Molly bases her eating habits on her knowledge of food.

She treats herself to cake on special occasions

Molly must taste-test her food, although she makes an effort to save cake for special occasions. "I enjoy preparing cakes, and I understand that there is a time and place for a celebration, for a slice of cake," she says.

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