8 Controversial Rules Starbucks Employees Have to Follow

Beyond the apron and, in some places, a hat or visor, Starbucks employees don't technically have  a consistent . But  there's  a dress code. 

1. Bright colors are not to be worn

Starbucks workers cannot come  to figure  with their hair dyed one color one day and another the next. While colorful hair is permitted, temporary hair dying (or streaking or frosting)  isn't ,  consistent with  a Starbucks Dress Code Lookbook.

2. Temporary hair dye is not permitted

 Baristas  aren't  allowed to move from one set of duties to another during a given shift, so  whether or not  one station is suddenly very busy while another is slow,  they're  not supposed to change activities to help out.

3. Workers can't move from one station to another

According to Business Insider, Starbucks employees must strictly enforce store hours.  they're  not allowed to let anyone enter the store even a minute before its posted opening hours and they must kick everyone out the minute the store closes for the day.

4. Workers cannot allow customers inside the stores even a bit before or after hours

Rings (other than one wedding band) and bracelets  also are  banned. And if  you've got  facial or neck tattoos,  you will not  be getting a job as a Starbucks barista, per  the principles  laid out in a company lookbook.

5. Facial piercings are not allowed and earrings are limited

Starbucks workers are obliged never  to mention  no to a customer even when said customer is making ludicrous demands, which happens all the time, reports Worldation

6. Baristas can't say no to customers

Starbucks baristas are  alleged to  follow a very specific formula for preparing mixed drinks like a Strawberry Açaí Lemonade Starbucks Refresher Beverage,  which  formula involves shaking the drink no fewer than 10 times to mix it.

7. Cold drinks are to be shaken 10 times

the Starbucks Standards of Business Conduct handbook, even a worker's close relatives are forbidden from "making  a considerable  direct investment in such a firm" without the employee risking termination.

8. Even employee's family members can't invest in competitors

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