7 Secrets America's Oldest Fast-Food Chain Doesn't Want You to Know

Not everything is cooked by hand

Such an old-school fast-food chain may conjure up images of traditional cooking methods, like people in aprons and hairnets sifting fries in oil.

Despite smaller portions, their offerings aren't actually healthier

Something that is misleading about White Castle's food is that, because of its smaller size, it appears to be lower in calories or more nutritious than comparable options.

One pound of ground beef makes 18 burger patties

There's a reason the chain doesn't advertise this incredible frugality: if one pound of beef goes such a long way, even at 72-cents a slider, the company is likely turning a large profit.

While "sack" sizes sound enticing, they're bad for you

Time and time again, sack-sized sides from White Castle have made our "unhealthiest" lists, from the sack of Hash Round Nibblers to the iconic sack of fries.

They once ran this truly wild study

We love someone who leans into what they believe, but White Castle's management went to an extreme with this one. 

The Impossible Slider didn't get rave reviews

When White Castle got on the plant-based trend, they undoubtedly thought they were doing something good for both customers and the world.

At one point, the owner refused to hire women or Black people

Definitely not a high point in White Castle's history: Billy Ingram, one of the founders of the chain, originally refused to hire women or black people.

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