6 Best Drinking Habits for Belly Fat Loss at Any Age

Drink more water.

participants who drank an extra 17 ounces of water before meals while following a low-calorie diet ended up losing over 40% more weight than those who simply followed a low-calorie diet.

Have an extra cup of coffee

Nothing helps you wake up in the morning like a hot cup of coffee, and it now looks like a hot cup of joe can help you attain a flat stomach. The fat-burning secret of this drink lies in its caffeine content.

Enjoy more green tea.

participants who drank green tea that contained higher concentrations of catechins and caffeine lost up to seven more pounds over a 12-week period compared to those who did not drink green tea.

Grab another black tea

The antioxidants specifically target stomach weight, making black tea a great drink to really indulge in if you want to decrease your midsection

Start loving apple cider vinegar

 Apple cider vinegar contains this acid but goes a step further by slowing down overeating, leading to a reduction of fat overall

Bulk your drinks up with protein

Protein drinks may seem like an unlikely candidate when it comes to cutting belly fat, but don't ignore these beverages associated with working out.

While these lifestyle habits can work wonders in the long run, your drinking habits can help speed up your weight loss goals, or seriously hamper them, especially when it comes to targeting stomach fat.

Everyone has heard about sugary or alcoholic drinks leading to weight gain, but not every beverage stands in the way between you and a flat stomach.

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