4 Ways to Eat Like the World's Oldest Woman

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Sister André of France, a Catholic nun, appears to be doing precisely that at the age of 118. This inspirational supercentenarian was recently declared the world's oldest person!

Although she hasn't provided a thorough account of her daily diet, it appears that her eating habits have contributed to her advanced age.

Eat communally.

Sister André has served orphans, the elderly, and hospital patients since World War II as a member of the Catholic order Sisters of Charity.

Community living, which usually includes communal eating, is a feature of Catholic religious life. We're guessing this is one of the keys to Sister André's long life.

Savor your favorite foods.

Sister André's most-mentioned nutritional habits may surprise you. The nun revealed her "dirty secret" of regularly eating chocolate and drinking wine to reporters.

Despite the fact that these pleasures may appear "guilty," there is much to be claimed about the power of food satisfaction. Food may improve mood and decrease stress, which are two key aspects of lifespan.

Practice moderation

Despite her admission to drinking alcohol, Sister André claims to only consume one glass of wine per day. This is consistent with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) recommendations for women who drink "moderately."

Choose high-antioxidant foods.

Back to the chocolate and wine (we figured you wouldn't mind). Sister André's two favourite foods are not only delicious, but also high in antioxidants.

Resveratrol, an antioxidant found in red wine, may help to protect heart health by avoiding blood vessel damage, lowering bad LDL cholesterol, and preventing blood clots.

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