4 Most Overpriced Sandwich Chains

Firehouse Subs

There's no shortage of complaints about how expensive Firehouse Subs has grown. Customers have described the chain as "the definition of Finesse Gods," with single sandwiches costing anything between $13 and $16.

Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's is both pricey and overrated. You shouldn't have to take out a second mortgage to buy a second slice of cheese on your sandwich.

Jersey Mike's Subs

Jersey Mike's consumers have starting to discover that the "best authentic tasting submarine sandwich available" comes at a cost. Customers aren't crazy with Jersey Mike's cost, no matter how much they love the chain's premium sandwiches.


In late 2021, Potbelly declared that it would not be raising its sandwich prices. Despite this, complaints over the Chicago chain's pricing have continued to flood Twitter.

In 2021, both McDonald's and Chipotle increased their prices by 6% and 10%, respectively, while Wendy's and Starbucks are expected to increase their prices in the coming months.

While customers have largely accepted price hikes so far, things may be reaching a tipping point, particularly when it comes to the simplest, most fundamental commodities, such as sandwiches.

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