12 Old-Fashioned Chocolate Desserts That Everyone (Secretly) Loves

German Chocolate Cake

This gorgeous cake, topped with coconut curls, pecan filling, and piles of luscious chocolate icing, is anything but German.

Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake is a German cake that is sometimes confused with German Chocolate Cake. And this cake is extremely old-fashioned, like from the late 16th century.


In 1832, Austrian chef Franz Sacher created this layered chocolate cake with apricot jam or cherries and chocolate ganache.

Texas Sheet Cake

Traditional Texas Sheet Cake is a thin, chocolate cake prepared in a sheet pan with buttermilk and unsweetened cocoa.

Red Velvet Cake

Despite its crimson colour, this cake is made of chocolate. In the 1800s, flour was significantly coarser, and acidic cocoa was used in this recipe to break down the flour, making the cake velvety.

Whoopie Pies

The origins of this cakey sandwich cookie with vanilla icing in the middle are disputed, but most sources credit Pennsylvania's Amish.

Mayonnaise Cake

Mayonnaise's popularity in chocolate cake is attributed to the Great Depression or World War II, when eggs and dairy were limited; after all, mayonnaise is just an emulsion of eggs and oil, which are frequent cake ingredients.

Mississippi Mud Cake

Mississippi Mud Cake and Mississippi Mud Pie are two distinct dishes that are both popular. A chocolate cake is topped with marshmallows and then soaked in chocolate frosting in the cake variation.

Mississippi Mud Pie

This layered dessert is made in a cookie crust and can include cake, cookies, pudding, ice cream, and marshmallows, as well as chocolate curls, whipped cream, and almonds.

Black Bottom Pie

Another dessert that pays respect to the Mississippi River. According to legend, the fudgy coating that sits on top of the graham cracker crust resembles the muck at the river's bottom.


It's no surprise that buckeye candy comes from Ohio, the Buckeye state. These chocolate-covered peanut butter balls are supposed to look like buckeye nuts from Ohio's state tree.

Chocolate Fudge

This was the first documented example of American fudge. The chocolate treat caused a stir on campus and has long been a beach holiday favourite.

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