12 Best Vintage Southern Recipes

Flaky Southern Biscuits

Despite the fact that biscuits are prevalent on Southern dinner tables, some feel that genuine handcrafted biscuits are in jeopardy due to the plethora of ready-made refrigerated biscuit dough options now accessible.

Homemade Buttermilk

Buttermilk is a Southern refrigerator staple, but if you don't have any on hand, we've got a quick remedy for you if you have milk, lemon juice, and 10 minutes to spare.

Buttermilk Pancakes

Buttermilk pancakes are a Southern breakfast table favourite that melt in your mouth. They don't have to be high in carbs.

Stuffed French Toast

Some believe pancakes are the star of the breakfast table, but many French toast enthusiasts disagree, especially when the French toast is loaded with strawberries, which grow prolifically in the South.

Breakfast Hash

"Hash" is derived from the French term "hacher," which meaning "to chop." Hash is a one-pan fry made with chopped leftover meat, potatoes, and onions, so it makes sense.


This Southern classic, which is made with lima beans and corn, has a history in nearly every state where colonists came into contact with Native Americans.

Maryland Crab Cakes

Crabs have long been on the menu across the East Coast, thanks to the abundance of crabs and other crustaceans along the Atlantic coast when the first European settlers arrived.

Blueberry Peach Cobbler

Georgia's peaches are as well-known as Maryland's crab. Eating a Georgia peach is a multi-sensory experience of sight, smell, and taste, as we mention in 35 Southern Dishes Your Grandparents Used to Make.

Smokey Ribs

While we're on the subject of peaches, don't miss this smoky ribs recipe, which uses a clever combination of peaches and bourbon to boost the sweet smokiness of its barbecue glaze.

Glazed Ham

We'd be foolish not to mention this typically Southern glazed ham, because you can never have too many ways to use peaches in a Southern kitchen.

Potato Salad

Many Southerners think that there is no finer way to eat potatoes, and many have their own recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Baked Beans

Baked beans, like succotash, have been around for so long that no one knows when or where they first crossed over from Native American culture into American Colonial food.

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