11 Old-Fashioned Midwestern Desserts to Try This Weekend

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Slab Pie

You'll see that there are quite a few parallels between Southern and Midwestern cuisine, which means there can be an argument occasionally about the origins of desserts.


Literally translated as 'cake,' this fruit and cake combo starts with a custard and adds whatever regional fruit is available, like apples or prunes.


It's a flaky, oval-shaped, buttery dough creation full of fruit or other fillings, baked to golden perfection and sliced

Sugar Cream Pie

Also called 'Hoosier Pie,' Sugar Cream Pie can be served warm or chilled. And though it might appear like a custard pie, sugar cream pie isn't made with eggs.

Cream Puffs

I know what you're thinking—cream puffs are traditionally a French pastry, right? Well, in this case, Wisconsin has its own version made from the state's famous dairy products. 

Frozen Custard

This dish can be attributed to the state of Wisconsin also, though the eggy, frozen cream wasn't invented there. Coney Island claims to be the first place to add egg yolks to ice cream, getting a smooth consistency.


Chippers are Red River potato chips covered with varieties of chocolate, though the store has branched into other flavors like butterscotch or strawberry.


You can make buckeyes a little healthier by cutting all that sugar, to get all your craving satisfied with a healthier option.

Gooey Butter Cake

The Kitchn's Shauna Sever, author of Midwest Made, explained that this St. Louis cake was actually an accident by a German baker who added too much butter to a coffee cake recipe resulting in a chewier version.

Layered Jello Salad

Oh, there's nothing more cheerful than a rainbow-colored dessert. Turns out, there's a trick to celebrating the colors of the rainbow with seven layers.

Green Dessert

Also called 'Watergate Dessert,' this midwestern sweet delight comes together fast to be the ideal easy dish. 

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