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Chefs, Food Writers Launch #CookForUkraine to Raise Funds for Displaced Children and Families

    #CookForUkraine to Raise Funds

    The organizers have already raised over $88,000 — here the way to become involved reception .

    For the past week, chef José Andrés and his nonprofit World Central Kitchen are distributing food in Ukraine, and at the country’s border with Poland. consistent with the planet Central Kitchen Twitter account, the organization has been serving hot meals to refugees arriving at the railway station in Lviv and in Przemysl, Poland; it partnered with restaurants in Kyiv to require food to hospitals and shelters; and Andrés himself drove from Poland to a bakery in Lviv to drop off 400-plus pounds of flour.

    “We are the tip of the iceberg. tons of things are happening,” Andrés told the Washington Post. “The Polish government is doing their part. Individual organizations. The mayors of local towns.”

    While some restaurants have found ways to support Ukraine — just like the Ukranian-owned San Antonio bakery that raised $77,000 for the country’s defense fund last weekend — food industry vets also are working together to boost money and awareness for the Ukrainians who will suffer as this invasion intensifies. Ukrainian chef and food writer Olia Hercules, Russian cookbook author Dr. Alissa Timoskina, and Polish “storyteller cook” Zuza Zak have launched Cook for Ukraine, a fundraiser to boost money for the children’s charity UNICEF.

    “I don’t need people to urge stuck within the headlines and therefore the bombs and to lose sight of the citizenry behind this story,” Hercules told “Ukraine is such a desirable country that nobody knew about before this, filled with gorgeous green meadows and rich traditions of cooking and culture. But it’s absolutely urgent that we act now.”

    There are multiple ways to participate in and donate to Cook for Ukraine. the primary suggestion the organizers make is by hosting a #CookForUkraine cabaret or bake sale, and donating the proceeds through the Cook For Ukraine Just Giving page. The second (and simplest) way is to share your own pictures, recipes, and stories on social media using the #CookForUkraine hashtag (and if you do not have a go-to Ukrainian recipe, there are over a dozen on the Just Giving page). and eventually , you’ll just make a donation online through Just Giving. As of this writing, the organizers have raised over £67,000 ($88,580) for UNICEF UK’s Ukraine Appeal to support children and families suffering from the war.

    “Like many Russians, I too have Ukrainian roots, and grew abreast of a gorgeous diet of Ukrainian and Russian dishes,” Timoshkina, the author of Salt and Time: Recipes from a Russian Kitchen, said. “My heart goes bent all the people of Ukraine! I many thanks all for caring, and for putting the requirements of youngsters and their families first. Let’s cook for peace, for freedom, for truth, for sense , for rational thought and for love.”

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