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10 Best Items in Trader Joe’s Bakery Section

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    Trader Joe’s is just like the Disneyland of grocers. It’s ever-changing with the addition of timely and exciting new products, while keeping fan-favorite items well-stocked. Exploring every aisle may be a must, alternatively you’re likely to miss out on discovering a couple of gems and surprises. And, a minimum of lately , there’s nearly always a line out the door of shoppers eagerly awaiting their address take a spin through the cult-favorite grocer.

    And while most sections of Trader Joe’s are well-frequented (is the cheese section ever not crowded?), one section is severely underrated: the bakery.

    It’s true. you would possibly ace it as you get your bearings, quickly learning that loaf of bread or that 12-pack of sweet pull-apart rolls. But have you ever ever lingered and really explored the bakery section? Because, here, you’ll find a slew of can’t-miss products, like Trader Joe’s soft, buttery, Pain Au Lait rolls or their ciabatta rolls generously covered during a layer of their popular Everything But the Bagel Seasoning blend.

    Ahead, behold 10 of our favorite bakery products at Trader Joe’s.

    Pain Au Lait

    Pain Au Lait literally means “milk bread” — and Trader Joe’s version is simply as soft and sweet and fluffy and buttery because the brioche-like rolls found in France. How can we know? Trader Joe’s Pain Au Laits ($2.99) are literally made in France employing a traditional family recipe.

    Chocolate Chip Pain Au Lait

    And if you’re craving rich, bittersweet chocolate , Trader Joe’s sells Chocolate Chip Pain Au Lait, too, at just $2.99 a bag.

    “Now, with the assistance of that very same French supplier and their time-honored family recipe, we’re here to sweeten the deal, with Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chip Pain Au Lait,” Trader Joe’s says.

    Blueberry Muffins

    What makes Trader Joe’s Blueberry Muffins ($3.99) so irresistible is they’re simultaneously light, citrusy, and crunchy because of the hints of lemon peel and its generous sprinkling of sugar atop each blueberry-embedded muffin, respectively.

    “We recommend a generous application of butter, a drizzling of honey, or a sizeable spreading of Trader Joe’s Authentic lemon cheese ,” TJ’s says.

    Everything Ciabatta Rolls

    This list wouldn’t be complete without Trader Joe’s staple seasoning: Everything But the Bagel Seasoning. And one among their latest offerings featuring the cult-favorite product is Everything Ciabatta Rolls ($2.49 for four).

    Not only do these rolls boast many the Everything seasoning — which incorporates sea salt, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, dried minced garlic and dried minced onion — but they’re also perfectly moist on the within .

    Sweet Pull Apart Aloha Rolls

    Look, our kitchen isn’t not stocked sweet Hawaiian rolls. And one among our favorites is Trader Joe’s Sweet Pull Apart Aloha Rolls ($2.99).

    They’re light, fluffy, and excellent for creating mini sammies. Or, eat these not-too-sweet rolls on their own.

    Focaccia Bread with Roasted Tomato & Parmesan

    And the most indulgent loaf of bread goes to… Focaccia Bread.

    Topped with roasted tomato and grated parmesan, this soft, savory bread bursts with flavor. And Trader Joe’s Focaccia Bread with Roasted Tomato & Parmesan ($3.99) is exclusive therein its baked on a heated tile inside a blazing hot, stone hearth oven — leaving the bread crisp and lightweight on the surface , and soft and airy on the within .

    Garlic Indian Style Flatbread

    Name a far better duo than hummus and flatbread. And at Trader Joe’s, you’ll find two different flavors of sentimental flatbread, original and garlic — the latter being our favourite .

    Trader Joe’s Indian Style Flatbreads ($3.69) are baked during a traditional Tandoor oven, leaving the naan soft, sturdy, and lightly charred.

    Chocolate Brooklyn Babka

    Chocolate Brooklyn Babka is one among Trader Joe’s hottest food — and permanently reason. The sweet rich pastry is layered with chocolate and weighs a whopping 18 ounces.

    The part-bread, part-croissant is glazed, studded with chocolate chips, then popular, they quickly sell out once they return to shelves.

    Cinnamon Brooklyn Babka

    Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Brooklyn Babka ($4.99) could also be one among Trader Joe’s newest bakery items, but it’s quickly become even as popular because the chocolate version. the most important different between the cinnamon and chocolate is that the cinnamon isn’t nearly as sweet — but it’s even as delicious.

    Glazed flavorer Scones

    Who doesn’t love an honest , glazed scone? Not Trader Joe’s shoppers, because they’ve been raving over Trader Joe’s new Glazed flavorer Scones ($3.99) since they arrived in stores last month. They’re surprisingly moist for a packaged product, and therefore the glaze is lip-smacking good.

    Classic English Muffins

    The pantry isn’t complete without English muffins — particularly Trader Joe’s Classic English Muffins. And, well, we’ll let Trader Joe’s explain why.

    “Trader Joe’s Classic English Muffins ($1.49) aren’t sweet muffins-if anything, they’re a touch savory,” they assert . “Technically speaking, they’re soft [and] slightly spongy … and delicious-perfect for toasting and slathering with butter, cheese , spread , etc. or for using because the base of a breakfast sandwich.”

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